Triple H vs Batista – WrestleMania 21 Main Event

Greetings, gang.

You can request something for me to review if it strikes your fancy. Hit me up at, or on instagram, @caliberwinfield. I recently got a request to review Invasion of the Body Snatchers from the 1950s, so look for that next week sometime, as I gotta watch the movie.

As for today, we take a look at the match that made Batista a main event superstar, and lead to the final nail in Evolution’s coffin.

Triple H [C] vs Batista – World Heavyweight Championship – WrestleMania 21
It needs to be said that Motorhead’s performance of Triple H’s theme is God-awful. Hunter tries to over-power Batista at first, but it’s a no go. He soon earns the momentum when Ric Flair lends a hand a time or two, and he doesn’t let up on Dave in the ring. Things begin to sway in Batista’s favor when he nails Hunter with a clothesline in mid-air, followed by a sweet catapult into the ringpost that busts open Triple H’s head. Soon after, he nails Dave with the title belt and goes for the pin. The crowd senses it’s it, since a lot of Triple H’s matches end like this, and boo the absolute shit out of him. Dave was over like crazy. Great spot where Hunter set Dave up for the Pedigree and locked his hands together, only for Dave to power out and force his hands apart, it really helped him look like a monster. Immediately after, he nailed Triple H with one of the hardest powerbombs I’ve ever seen. Not a fantastic match, but it’s damn good, a more than passable WM main-event, and a great example in making someone.
Batista hits Triple H with the Demon Bomb for the pin at 21:34 | ***1/4


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 14, 2017.

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