Resident Evil 1 – Review

For the next few reviews, I thought we’d take a look at my all time favorite video game franchise, Resident Evil.

Back in 1996 my best friend bought a Playstation, his pride & joy. That weekend I spent the night at his place, and we tried out a few games that he rented. At least, that was our intention. We never got past the first one, which happened to be Resident Evil. Everything about it pulled us in. Of course, because those greedy bastards at Sony were all about that money, they required something called a Memory Card in order to save games. Well now what the shit is that? As a result, we kept fucking dying, and having to start all over. You know how goddamn annoying that was?

Regardless, you couldn’t have stopped us with a shotgun, because we were so pulled in by the story. When we weren’t playing it, we were discussing it. Wondering who or what was behind all of this. We never got very far, and a year later when I finally got my own PS, Resident Evil was the game I got with it. With a fucking Memory Card.

For two weeks straight I was pulled into that bad-bitch. Obsessed, and completely enthralled. I got so into it, that at one point when Barry died [as he does in one of the endings], I cried. I got so damn into that game. I loved it. The different weapons, the monsters, the puzzles, the TERRIBLE voice acting, it was the greatest game I’d ever played. I became so good at it that I could beat that bad bitch under 3 hours, without dying, or saving. I even beat it with just a knife once, which fucking sucked.

Everyone knows the dog jumping through the window as the classic RE scare, which did make me scream the first time, but the worst I’ve ever been scared in a single moment happened later in the game. After you come back from the research hut with Plant 42, you head into the mansion and get a cut scene where something follows you in. When you finally see it, it reveals itself to be what’s known as a Hunter. A very thick, muscled, monster with rows of teeth and talons that would roar. This fucker was deadly. So, on the day I discovered this, I was playing at my house, sitting in my chair, while my friend sat behind me on a stool. Well, I wanted to avoid fighting him, so I ran into the connecting hallway, and as I ran around a corner, from off screen, another Hunter jumped in to frame, roaring. It scared me so bad that I screamed at the top of my lungs, jumped back out of my chair so hard that I knocked over my friend. To this day nothing has scared me that bad in the moment.

Not much else to say other than it’s a fucking classic, and to this day I wait for a true movie adaptation. One day, perhaps, one day.


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 16, 2017.

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