Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit – Smackdown, May 30th, 2001. – Review.

Stone Cold [C] vs Chris Benoit – Smackdown – May 30th, 2001
Benoit starts off the match by using everything in his power to lock Stone Cold in the Crossface, to no avail however. Great moment comes after Stone Cold brings the belt into the ring, and while the ref is down Benoit executes a flying head-butt on Austin, only for Steve to roll over and drive the belt into Benoit’s air-born skull. Great stuff. Cool moment where they trade Sharpshooters back & forth a few times. And we’re talking real Sharpshooters, nothing like The Rock’s Polite Suggestion. Benoit goes crazy and delivers 10, yeah, TEN, German suplexes in a row. This brings in McMahon with a chair, as he attempts to nail Chris who has Steve in the Crossface, however Chris nails Vince with a kick to the hangdang, and proceeds to bend the chair over McMahon’s body as he nails him with chair shot after chair shot. However, while distracted, Stone Cold rolls him up for the pin. A great match, and a hell of a main event for PPV. It’s made all that much better by the fact there are no commercial breaks, either. It’s definitely one of the more hard-hitting matches that I’ve ever seen Stone Cold in, as they both went out there and beat the hell out of one another.
Stone Cold rolls up Chris for the pin at 19:45 | ****1/4


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 20, 2017.

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