Stone Cold vs Triple H – 3 Stages of Hell

Stone Cold vs Triple H – 3 Stages of Hell – No Way Out 2001
The technical aspect starts off with Austin trying to rip Triple H’s left arm, and Hunter responding by trying to break Stone Cold’s neck. They go back & forth, absolutely tearing it up until Austin hits a stunner out of no where, winning the first fall. Stone Cold goes to town, beating Triple H down with chairs, monitors, and barbwired 2x4s, all while Triple H does whatever he can to escape Stone Cold’s receipt for the whole vehicular homicide thing. The street fight is absolutely brutal, and completely worth the price of admission. Triple H puts him down with the Pedigree to win that round. Hunter has control for a bit while the cage is down, but Stone Cold soon regains and goes to town on Triple H’s face with barbwire. It’s like he’s trying to saw his head clean off his body. The ending is fantastic, as the series of near-falls are some of the best I’ve seen. Usually, the near-fall section of a match is quick, with repeat finishers & pins. With this match however, things were slow & deliberate, as Stone Cold & Triple H were able to put as much into their pin attempts as they could, it’s another great piece of this match that makes it a classic. The ending is a bit lame, as they both hit each other with a weapon at the same time, and Triple H just happens to fall on Austin, but at least it’s clean. This is one of the all time greats, as each stage got an appropriate amount of time, and each aspect of the stage was used, as opposed to just being there. These two were on fire that evening, and delivered one of the all time greats.
Triple H nails Stone Cold with a chair for the pin at 31:46 | *****


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 21, 2017.

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