Resident Evil 2 – Review

After going over Resident Evil 1 the other day, I thought we’d work our way down the line.

So, Resident Evil 1 had me hooked. I was obsessed. Since it became such a big hit, naturally, they went to work on a sequel. However, when they were near finished, the director felt they just hadn’t done the sequel justice and scraped it all. This became what’s now known as Resident Evil 1.5. As I was pulling up some footage for RE1.5, I discovered that it’s actually playable. I’m going to have to look into that, because I’ve been wanting to play this sucker since I first saw this footage 15 years ago.

To tide people over, they released Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. It was a version of the original Resident Evil, but with objects & enemies placed differently. Also, the opening movie was uncensored. Or so they said. It was still censored, bastards. However, it also came with a playable Resident Evil 2 demo. I bought this day of release, baby.

Then January, 1998 came. Finally. Resident Evil 2 was mine, all mine. The first Resident Evil took me days to complete, and Lord knows how long this one would take. Ah shit. I beat it that day. I do admit, I was a bit bummed about that. Regardless, I absolutely loved the game. Still do. The graphics, the gore, the action, the weapons, the enemies, it was all ramped up. The cut scenes were incredible. It was everything a sequel should be.

Certain things I loved were the zombies crashing through the front window at the gun shop and eating the owner. If you don’t pick up any ammo from the start of the game until you reach the precinct, you get to brawl with zombie Brad Vickers. The chicken pilot from RE1. I loved that. The Mr. X monster was an awesome touch, as he’d literally show up out of no where, busting through walls and kicking ass. You could avoid him, but if you were able to take him down you’d get special ammo and other slick items. Just a ton of great stuff to dig.

There was a bonus called The 4th Survivor, where you played as an Umbrella agent named HUNK. I was never able to get that motherfucker. Until I played Re2 again a few years ago. I got that game down COLD, and finally unlocked the 4th Survivor game, which was a fucking blast.

I hear we’re getting an RE2 remake, and if that’s true, sweet fancy Moses, all RE fans around the world will die from arousal.


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 22, 2017.

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