Edge vs Mick Foley – Hardcore Match –

Edge w/ Lita vs Mick Foley – Hardcore Match – WrestleMania 22
Right from the get go this match showcases how things of this nature should be done. Edge crushes Mick with a few vicious head-shots via cookie-sheets & baseball slides into street-signs. When he tries a spear, he suffers from a Bret Hart inspiration, as Mick had wrapped barbwire around his stomach. This is soon followed by the awesome whipping with the barbwire, and the Cactus-Clothesline on Edge with Lita on his back. After a hell of a bulldog onto the barbwire bat, Edge goes out and gets the thumbtacks, which are always a favorite. He ends up backfirst in the pile, forever earning a his place in the Kingdom of Manliness. After driving the barbwire bat into Edge’s head, we get a fantastic shot of Mick smiling through the blood that’s pouring down his face. Soon after we get one of the greater WM moments when Edge spears Mick through a flaming table, something the WWE audience had never seen, and something perfect for the level of WM. Right after he pins Mick, putting a cap on one of the greatest WM matches of all time, as well as a Top 10 for both Edge & Mick’s careers. It’s so crisp, so well done, delivering perfectly in every aspect. The match only gets better every time I see it. Also, the way Edge looks afterwards is something that has to be seen. You’d think he was about to pass out.
Edge pins Mick after spearing him through a flaming table at 14:36 | ****3/4


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 1, 2017.

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