CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan – Over The Limit 2012

Today I thought we’d take a trip back to when CM Punk was a face, months into his WWE Title reign, and seemingly the world was upside side down, as both Punk & Bryan headlined a PPV, in the WWE.

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk [C] – WWE Championship Match – Over The Limit, May 20th, 2010>
While the’re doing the introductions, there’s a guy holding up a sign that says ‘Yes’ on one side, and ‘Pipe Bomb’ on the other. The second he notices he’s on camera, he drops the sign so he can do Hogan poses. Man, wrestling fans are weird as hell, aren’t they? The match starts off with Punk working Bryan’s knee, and no surprise that Bryan does a Bret Hart level job of selling it. Soon, Bryan gets Punk in one of the sickest submissions I’ve ever seen. He had Punk in a surf-board,
then let go of his arms, grabbed Punk’s chin and pulled him downward until they were face to face, he then followed that up by putting him in a gullutine choke. Awesome stuff.
Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Watch out Mrs. Dusty. Another great moment where they’re both down, and as they get up together, they start working their way to their feet by trading blows. Going from head-butts, to forearms, and finally to kicks. Great stuff. I know the finish isn’t what people were hoping for, but I dug it. It left things open to another bout. Incredible match though.
CM Punk reveres the YES! Lock into a pin at 21:32 | ****3/4


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 2, 2017.

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