CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy – TLC for the World Heavyweight Championship

With rumors of The Hardys heading back to the WWE, I thought I’d review one of my favorite matches of all time, and one that doesn’t get a lot of love for whatever reason…

CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy [C] – TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Love that they have the promo vid for this match before hand. It’s funny they spend 4 weeks of TV to get people hyped for the match, and to want to buy it, and they
did it for me in just 3 minutes. A little after the match gets started, there’s a brutal spot where Jeff does Air Hardy, only for Punk to catch him and then drop him back first on top of the chair. You could do serious damange I think if that went wrong. Hardy soon bounces back with an awesome spot in which he whips Punk into the stairs, Punk jumps to the top of’em, turns around and leaps at Jeff, only to be met by Jeff swinging a chair like a baseball bat. Later, they both get it in a completely sick superplex in which CM Punk’s spine lands half on the ladder, half not. Jeff’s super swanton was incredible. What a spot. Almost equaled by him refusing medical attention because he wants to stop CM Punk that badly. The look on Punk’s face when he sees Hardy is still coming at him is the stuff that pro-wrestling dreams are made of. Also, the moment where the lights go out, and Undertaker replaces Hardy, that’s easily my favorite Taker moment. That was brilliant. Too bad Punk got jobbed out so hard because he wouldn’t wear a suit.
CM Punk grabs the WHC at 22:40 | ****1/2


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 4, 2017.

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