WrestleMania 23 Two’fer

Greetings, beautiful people.

One match just isn’t doing it these days, so I thought we’d start bumping it up, and I’d start taking a look at WrestleMania’s, since it happens to be the season. So, for the foreseeable future, I’m going to pluck two of my favorites from a random WrestleMania. Today, it’s WrestleMania 23, the first wrestling show I bought after a 7 year absence.

Batista [C] vs The Undertaker – WrestleMania 23
I love how Batista doesn’t waste time with any formalities, the second the bell rings he tackles ‘Taker and doesn’t let up, including a flying shoulder tackle from the top rope, which he’s never done, again showing how little he’s fucking around. When ‘Taker gets his shot, he doesn’t play around either, hitting him with one of my favorites, the Snake-Eyes/Running Boot combo, and the Big Dive. They get outside, and we see Batista crush ‘Take with a running powerslam through a table, which is an awesome spot. Once they get back in, it’s straight back & forth action, with no slouch. It’s just some fantastic business, with my only complaint being that Undertaker seemed to bounce back after the spear & Batista Bomb combo just a little too quickly. Beyond that, it’s a hell of a match that I absolutely love, just some great meat & potatoes wrestling that had two wrestlers saying “Fuck you” for them being placed on in the middle of the card, and people thinking it wasn’t going to deliver.
The Undertaker defeats Batista with The Tombstone at 15:51 | ****1/2

John Cena [C] vs Shawn Michaels
They do a number in the beginning I like where Cena throws massive haymakers, only for Shawn to avoid them and strike John down with some quick jabs & chops, showing Shawn’s speed overcoming Cena’s power. Soon after he hip tosses John to the outside, which is a hell of a bump, followed by hitting him with the springboard moonsault. These goes on to put on one of the more underrated classics, as they go to war. Both men bleed, and both pull out all the stops as they twist & turn around each other’s offense & defense. Prime example is when Cena goes for the FU, only for Shawn to reverse into the Superkick, which Cena reverses into the STF, which Shawn kicks out of, Cena tries again, Shawn kicks out, Cena tries again, only for Shawn to roll him up. Fantastic stuff. In the end though, Cena does get the STF on in the middle of the ring, causing Shawn to tap out after one hell of a fucking match.
John Cena taps out Shawn Michaels at 29:07 | *****


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 14, 2017.

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