Workaholics Review

Today I wanted to cast props towards one of my all time favorite shows, Workaholics. It recently aired it’s final episode, so I figured it apropos.

The show is about 3 best friends who work at a telemarketing call center, and devote their lives to attempting to get women, as well as partying. The show is the first I’ve seen where it’s written by guys of my exact generation. Meaning they mention things like Adam Carolla’s Mangria, countless references to pro-wrestling, remake a Saved By The Bell episode, reference 2Pac’s George Jefferson-esq walk out of a court room, pay homage to films like Bloodsport & Surviving The Game, games like Mario Kart & Goldeneye, and a multitude of other things I bullshit about with my friends. Beyond popculture references I love, it’s just a well done show that’s fucking funny.

It deserves a lot more attention than it gets. You can catch this one on Hulu, and should. Here’s the best eps of season 1 for you buckshots to get started with…

Ep 4 – The Promotion, Ep 5 – Checkpoint Gnarly, Ep 7 – Straight Up Juggahoes, Ep 8 – To Friend A Predator, and Ep 9 – Muscle I’d Like To Flex.


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 21, 2017.

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