Why The Punisher In Daredevil Season 2 Sucked

The first season of Daredevil is fantastic. The second? Eh, not so much. I mean, if you add up all the minutes of season 2, it comes to 780. If you were to connect all the footage of him fighting ninjas, it’d be about 700 minutes worth. The Hand just wasn’t that interesting. They worked better as bit parts in the first season. Kingpin was sorely missed.

Now, the major reason for this article is to redeem the sullied image of The Punisher, something they completely fucked. I’ve been a fan of The Punisher since I was a kid, and became a super-fan around 2004, so much so I honestly considered joining The Marines. Thomas Jane’s physique in the 2004 film was my initial inspiration for working out. Since then I buy all things Punisher related for my collection.

So, needless to say I was more than excited when they were going to introduce him in the Daredevil series.

Then I saw season two. I was so damn disappointed by the end of episode 2. Now, let’s get into why.

“You’re one bad day away from being me”. That is so fucking insulting to The Punisher. He would never, EVER refer to what happened to him as a “bad day”. The following is an excerpt from The Punisher: MAX – In The Beginning.

“They hated that old man so much they shot him through my family.

The world went crazy on a summer’s day in Central Park, in the time before Uzis and Berettas, before nine millimeter popguns ruled the streets.

It was a Thompson, the ones our fathers carried, and I recognized its rattle even as its big, man-stopping forty-fives punched blood and breath from my lungs.

I hit the ground beside my daughter, she’d been gutshot, badly, and when she saw the things that boiled and wriggled from her belly the expression on her face was not a little girl’s.

My wife bled out later on the operating table, her heart a gaping h ole her life drained through. Whenever I get careless, that yearning in her eyes creeps up and brings me to my knees.

Right then the old man’s soldiers started shooting back, my son dropped wordlessly, without a mark on him.

I took a breath that cut like glass, spat blood, rose to my knees and picked up the boy and searched in vain for entry wounds.

The bullet had entered through his open mouth.

That was our picnic in the park.

And now, every night, I go out and make the world sane.”

Does that sound like a “bad day”? Absolutely not.

Now, that rooftop scene is actually a classic from the “Welcome Back, Frank” series. He gets Daredevil tied up, but also has his hand tied up so the gun is pointing directly at Frank’s head, as he’s about to shoot a mobster. A lot of a the dialogue was the same. However, in the comic book Daredevil pulled the trigger, but there was no pin. So, he proved that Daredevil is a hypocrite, and would in fact do the same thing as Frank if forced. However, they COMPLETELY ruin it, and have Daredevil shoot the chain. The Punisher would NEVER, EVER give someone a loaded fucking gun and an actual chance to kill him. He would have clearly seen Daredevil could shoot the chain, and thus wouldn’t have allowed it.

While on the roof he also let’s Daredevil think he’s capable of killing an innocent man. NEVER. The Punisher would never allow anyone to think he could kill an innocent, that he’s just like the scum he hunts down. Again, that’s an insult to the character.

OK, when we first see The Punisher, he’s walking through a hospital with a SHOTGUN, blasting away. Yes, the most technical, clever, and tactile character in comic book history, who’s never killed an innocent, is going to just walk through a hospital with a shotgun and blast away. Later, he’d tell Karen she was in no danger because he was a sniper. Sniper or not, it’s a fucking shotgun. Bullshit.

The Punisher, again, is the most technical, clever, and tactile character of all time. There is no fucking way a group of bad guys would be able to find his base after searching for only a few hours. It’s LAUGHABLE that The Punisher is just out walking a dog. Also, that’s another point, The Punisher would never bring an innocent life into his world. He’d never allow someone to be hurt because of what he does, or have said person/animal used against him. EVER.

The Punisher would never crash a fucking car into one that had an innocent in it. That was so fucking stupid.

In the comics, there’s a mobster named Nicky Cavella who digs up Punisher’s family and pisses on their bodies. He also films it and sends it to the news. Later, when Punisher has him alone in the woods, he tells Cavella “You made this personal, but all that buys you is a little more pain than most”. So, he’s going to simply take the man who was once a friend, betrayed him, and was some what responsible for his family’s death and just shoot him in the head? No, he’d be made an example of.

Again, the most technical, clever, and tactile character of all time needs a dorky attorney and a secretary to figure out what happened to him?! HELL NO. The Punisher is a detective on the level of Batman, and would have had all this shit figured out, and every single person taken care of accordingly.

Perhaps Frank could be captured by the police, but only because he’d want to get inside and do damage, then he’d escape on his own. He’d NEVER make a deal with Kingpin. EVER.

He would never allow what happened to his family to be paraded around in court and used as an EXCUSE, a fucking EXCUSE to get him a reduced prison sentence. He would have made sure that everyone in that court room would know that they would have to kill him if they ever mentioned his family again.

Thankfully I have The Punisher: War Zone movie, which is as true blue a representation of The Punisher as I could ever ask for. I have The Punisher: MAX series of comics, which is the greatest run of comics that I’ve ever read. Perhaps one day there will be another adaptation of The Punisher that gets it right, but until then, Daredevil season 2 sure as shit isn’t it.


~ by Caliber Winfield on April 5, 2017.

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