WCW Thunder – January 15th, 1998


We start with a Nitro recap and learn that Nash has put up a performance bond to appear at Souled Out. However, he can’t touch Kevin Nash till then.

Giant is in the ring for an interview, and ends up whooping on the Flock, as they attack him for his chokeslam on Lodi because he was running around the ring with a “Nash Rules Giant Droolz” sign. Nash comes down wearing…holy shit, pajama pants, cheap sandals, and a fanny pack with his nWo shirt. I mean, it’s like an outfit that a fanny pack would wear if a fanny pack were a person. Well, he tries to get the Giant to hit him, but he won’t, even after he throws coffee in his face. C’mon, how is that allowed?! What’s next, Nash shoots the Giant in the stomach with a shotgun and the Giant still can’t hit him back?

Black Cat, Ohara, Gedo vs The Steiner Brothers & Ray Traylor

Not too much here, as it’s more about the advancement of the Steiner split, as Scott just hogs the whole match. He’s so mobile here, I swear dying his hair is what crippled him.
Scott pins Gedo with the Steinerdriver at 3:33 | *1/2

Yuji Nagata vs Ernest Miller

They just said that WCW is thinking about doing a martial arts division, with martial arts matches, contested under pro-wrestling rules. What? So, like Pancrate? So crazy to see The Cat when he was serious. And it’s LITERALLY just a pro-wrestling match except The Cat has delivered 2 karate kicks. Honestly, this isn’t a bad match. If they’d gone another 5 minutes, they could have really had something. Decent back and forth, before Ernest does the dumbest finisher in terms of personal safety. He stands on the top rope, spins around so he’s standing backwards, then does a 180 spin kick to Yuji’s head, landing terribly on his ankle. I mean, wow, how did his ankle not explode through his eyeball?
Ernest wins with the Feeliner at 4:03 | **1/2

There’s suppose to be a match between Scott Hall & Louie Spicolli, but when Scott asks Louie who he’s here to say, he says the nWo, and that he loves them. Zybysko comes out and tell’s Louie not to back these jerks. He acts like he’s gonna, but turns on Larry, who turns it on them, and they scamper.

Jericho is out, and on Nitro, Jericho hit a cheap shot on Mysterio and beat him down when he came out for a match, as Jericho was promising he’d never lose it again. He then cuts another promo here, saying Rey was talking shit beneath his breath, and because he’s a paragon of virtue, he had to put him in his place. He says it’ll never, and trust him when he says this, it’ll never happen again. Man, Jericho just KILLED this role.

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero

It’s Jericho and Guerrerro in 1998, of course they went out and killed it on a Thunder. This was a #1 contender match for the Crusierweight Title. Man, that Liontamer use to be so brutal.
Jericho wins it with the Liontamer at 5:02 | **3/4

Chavo Guererro vs Goldberg
Chavo comes out, then Disco Inferno comes out and says people wanna see him dance. He punks Chavo, but then Goldberg comes out and flattens him. This was an odd segment. Crazy to think that here, where Goldberg didn’t get much of a response, that in 6 months he’d be the World’s Champ and the company’s most over guy.

Hogan comes out for a promo, and, big shock, he talks about how he’s the man, and that belt is his.

Rey Mysterio vs Juvi Juice [C] – Crusierweight Championship

This is of course exactly what you’d expect, great high-flying with a lot of innovation. Juvi did a great move where he folded Rey in half when he was up on his shoulders, then dropped down. He doesn’t let up, being far more aggressive than I’ve ever seen him. Hitting top rope drop-kicks, guillotine leg drops from the top rope to the outside, brainbusters, you name it. Rey eventually starts to gain a little momentum, despite Juvi never relenting and getting his shots in. They then have a hell of a finishing sequence, where Rey goes for a top rope hurricarana, but Juvi reverses it into a powerbomb, heads up to hit a 450, Rey moves, and Juiv lands ON HIS FEET! Rey then grabs him, hits the Hurricarana, and pins Juvi. This was a hell of a match, it’s a shame they didn’t get more, because they were completely tearing the house apart. Great stuff. Look it up on the network when you get a chance.
Rey wins the strap with the Hurricarana at 7:57 | ***3/4

Macho Man Randy Savage & Kevin Nash vs DDP & Lex Luger
Hogan comes out with Nash, and immediately attacks DDP with his own crutches, as DDP is of course injured. Meanwhile, Savage and Nash seem to have issues, being rather aggressive towards one another. Macho wants a tag, so Nash hooks it up with a tag to his face. Amid the chaos, Luger takes advantage and starts clearing house, Racking everyone, including Hogan. Giant comes out, chokeslams Hogan, bringing out the nWo. Sting shows up, and starts clearing house along with Luger and Giant. This was complete chaos, but, I have to admit, I was digging it. Even though the match quality was never much to speak about with WCW in their prime, there was something about it that made it a lot of fun, and this was no exception. Of course it goes to a no-finish, with beat-downs as the show goes off the air, which is absolutely classic WCW.
No Contest | **1/2

Final Thoughts: This was honestly a GREAT show. You had a ton of fun matches, as well as promos and segments. Nothing was a chore, and the 90 minutes just flew by. Honestly, check out this entire show, as it’s more than worth it.

~ by Caliber Winfield on April 18, 2018.

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