Buff Friday – July 25th, 2014

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rockyrussiaAlright guys, as promised here’s the weekly column about getting super buff, and all things related. I’m starting over, and if you see a tip, or a video I posted earlier, well, deal with it.

Today I review a workout program, take a look at John Cena being a bad-ass, and throw a few tips your way. Let’s get it…

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New site

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Apologies for lack of updates, buckshots. Got a new update over at wcwin2000.wordpress.com, 6 Title Reigns That Did More Harm Than Good.

Also, I started a new site with a guy I’ve known for years who, and I don’t say this lightly, is just as brilliant as me. The site is called Good Point, Fuck You, and basically it’s just him and I arguing over shit. Could there be anything greater? I declare no. You can find it at gpfy.wordpress.com


The second shoulders & arms, and legs days of the week.

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Hit a couple PRs on the leg day, and the shoulders & arms workout was fucking brutal. My shoulders have never been that wiped.

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Leg day, as well as Chest & Back, baby.

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Today it’s a recap of Monday’s leg day, as well as today’s Chest & Back 2. From now on, the work-out updates will simply feature a log, and once a week I’m going to do an article that’ll feature videos, ladies, and bodybuilders. Even I’M excited for it.

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Chest & Back, Shoulders & Arms, plus a little John Cena action.

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Greetings, duders. Today we’ve got a double-dose coming at you. The results of my chest & back day, and then today’s shoulders & arms. Plus, we check out some footage of John Cena crushing it in the squat, and Cesaro being the man.

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Daily Update – June 19th, 2014

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Alrighty, today we’re going with a triple update. It’s the deuces for the week, Chest & Back 2, Shoulders & Arms 2, as well as Legs 2. Along with that we take a look at Ronnie’s 800lb squat, and some classic Dorian footage. Let’s get it…

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Daily Update – June 16th, 2014

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T0day you get a two’fer for the price of one! Am I giving or what?

I go over my results from yesterday’s shoulders & arms workout, as well as today’s legs. We’ve got a Girl Who Squats, and take a look at powerlifter turned bodybuilder Matt Kroc pulling off an incredible feat in the squat rack.

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