Mercy Is For The Weak Podcast – Episodes 3 & 4

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podcastheaderGreetings, all.

I know, you’ve been without the Caliberman for far too long, so I have arrived to quench your thirst. Two brand new episodes of Mercy is For The Weak podcast, with my good friend Mike.

EPISODE 3 – In this episode, our heroes begin by talking about the WWE’s latest PPV, Fastlane. Shortly there after, Mike talks about the darkside of video game collectables and running old women off the road. They soon discuss some of the crazier financial mistakes people have made, and what to do if one ends up in a ‘Well, we’re cannibals’ now type situation. They then discuss Walking Dead, be warned, there are spoilers, and finally top this bad boy off with the Mercy Is For The Weak Top 3. This week, it’s Favorite Wrestlers. Dig it.

EPISODE 4 – In this episode, the guys open the show with discussion of the latest episode of The Walking Dead, before Caliber tells how he would bring bodybuilding to the world of being homeless/panhandling.
Mike explains why he hasn’t taken a piss in 4 years, and what life is like with no kidneys.
The guys then play a round of First To Worst, with Mike telling a tale of seeing a ghost while hiking and being on a steroid cycle, and Caliber regaling the world with the hardest he’s ever been dissed by a girl.
The show ends with the patented Mercy is For The Weak Top 3, with this week’s subject being our All-Time Favorite Films.
Dig it.

The Mercy Is For The Weak Podcast – Episode 2

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podcastheaderYour boy has branched out into the podcast world. A world I started 10 years ago with the Scrublife Radio Show. So, I’ve picked back up with my friend Mike, and we make your dreams come true. It’s pretty awesome. Have a looksee, lemme know what you think. You can find out what’s going on in the episode description in the link.

The Mercy Is For The Weak Podcast

I don’t know if I’ve even mentioned it yet, but I started a fitness website. Way back in November, actually. I update 6 days a week, take questions, and talk about whatever is under the fitness sun. I won’t lie, but it’s a website so great that it’s often mistaken for the film Goodfellas. I know, pretty amazing.

Fat Buff INC

Happy Friday The 13th – Top 3 Jason’s Face Reveal

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jasonsfacerevealheaderIt’s the money shot of the Friday The 13th franchise, the moment everyone looks forward to that helps define each entry. Which ones does your boy Caliber think are the best? Tune in, baby, tune in.

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The Man Movie Encyclopedia – Predators

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PredatorsHeaderIt’s back, baby. So pour a bowl of steak cereal, place the women in the kitchen, and enjoy the return of the burliest article series of all time.
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Help to save a buff little kitty

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Originally posted on Fat Buff INC:

Hey guys. Normally I wouldn’t post anything here that isn’t fitness related, but this is important.

Help A Super Buff Little Kitty.

Normally I don’t like “give me money!” deals, unless they actually count for something, and this truly counts.

They’ve already spent $15,000 of their own money, and put themselves into considerable debt to help their animal. So they are by no means just deciding to ask people for help without doing whatever they can, because they already have.

He’s a young guy, only 4, so it’s not like they’re asking to help out on an animal that’s 30 years old with no legs and one lung. Obviously, it doesn’t matter what the animal’s age is, I’m merely saying there’s a big time return on any investment you make.

Now, I’ve known the guy running this for years, and he’s a total sweet heart. He’s a fantastic guy, and…

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The Slasher Movie Encyclopedia – Freddy vs Jason

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Top 4 NES Covers

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