The Only Review Of The 2018 Royal Rumble You’ll Ever Need – Featuring Caliber

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Greetings, all.

OK, as we discussed last week, my boy Sebastian and I are teaming back up to do some wrestling stuff. We’re gonna be doing things a little different though. Sebastian is going to do a review as normal, and I’m going to go through and pipe up when I see fit, and then give my thoughts on the end of each match. Sounds odd, sure, but you’ll see. So, enjoy.

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The Only Review Of The 2018 Royal Rumble That You’ll Ever Need – Part 1

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It’s been a minute, this I admit. Both in me posting here, and the return….

Sebastian and I. Yes, the literally version of the Legion of Doom is back, baby.

Today we’re going to hear from Sebastian, and in a few days I’ll throw in my two cents.

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Why The Punisher In Daredevil Season 2 Sucked

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The first season of Daredevil is fantastic. The second? Eh, not so much. I mean, if you add up all the minutes of season 2, it comes to 780. If you were to connect all the footage of him fighting ninjas, it’d be about 700 minutes worth. The Hand just wasn’t that interesting. They worked better as bit parts in the first season. Kingpin was sorely missed.

Now, the major reason for this article is to redeem the sullied image of The Punisher, something they completely fucked. I’ve been a fan of The Punisher since I was a kid, and became a super-fan around 2004, so much so I honestly considered joining The Marines. Thomas Jane’s physique in the 2004 film was my initial inspiration for working out. Since then I buy all things Punisher related for my collection.

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Boogie Nights

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Today I thought I’d throw the recko of all reckos at you, a review of my all time favorite movie: Boogie Nights.

Tis a whimsical tale of Eddie Adams from Torrence, CA. Who once discovered by Porn Director extraordinaire, becomes the greatest pornstar the world has ever known, Dirk Diggler.

Honestly, I’d be here all damn day if I were to give this movie justice in review. Every character stands out, has their place, has their great moments, in a movie that is literally classic scene after classic scene. An absolutely flawless film. It’s fucking hysterical, with your helping of drama, absurdness, and Ricky Springfield bein’ a buddy ah’ mine!

If you haven’t seen this movie, absolutely go see it. Now.

Orton vs Christian – SummerSlam 2011

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Christian [C] vs Randy Orton – No Holds Barred for the World Heavyweight Title
This feud reminded me a lot of Edge vs The Undertaker, where the chemistry was off the charts as they headlined PPV after PPV. Christian & Orton just couldn’t have a bad match this year, and it reached it’s zenith at SummerSlam. It’s an absolute monster, and both guys go until absolute tilt, it’s incredible. I had the match originally docked a quarter because of Orton winning, but that really shouldn’t effect the quality of the match, so I went all the way with this. What a brutal ending.
Orton hits a mid-air RKO onto the steel stairs at 27:43 | *****

Workaholics Review

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Today I wanted to cast props towards one of my all time favorite shows, Workaholics. It recently aired it’s final episode, so I figured it apropos.

The show is about 3 best friends who work at a telemarketing call center, and devote their lives to attempting to get women, as well as partying. The show is the first I’ve seen where it’s written by guys of my exact generation. Meaning they mention things like Adam Carolla’s Mangria, countless references to pro-wrestling, remake a Saved By The Bell episode, reference 2Pac’s George Jefferson-esq walk out of a court room, pay homage to films like Bloodsport & Surviving The Game, games like Mario Kart & Goldeneye, and a multitude of other things I bullshit about with my friends. Beyond popculture references I love, it’s just a well done show that’s fucking funny.

It deserves a lot more attention than it gets. You can catch this one on Hulu, and should. Here’s the best eps of season 1 for you buckshots to get started with…

Ep 4 – The Promotion, Ep 5 – Checkpoint Gnarly, Ep 7 – Straight Up Juggahoes, Ep 8 – To Friend A Predator, and Ep 9 – Muscle I’d Like To Flex.

nWo Goodness

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I was watching a doc on the nWo earlier today, so I thought we’d take a look at a couple random matches involving members of the greatest faction of all time.

Macho Man vs DDP – Last Man Standing – Halloween Havoc 1997
Savage comes out dressed like a slim jim package, and that isn’t a joke. He really is. DDP comes out in Costume 2 from nWo/WCW Revenge, which is the jeans & rib-wrap. They fight out into the crowd, and there’s a dude in a pair of Zubaz who gets so excited he takes his shirt off while watching. By this guy’s logic, If the match get’s any better, then he’ll be naked by the time the Cutter is hit. They brawl among the decorations, which is pretty cool, despite the stuff is obviously made of harmless material. They get back to the ring, where Macho takes a video camera, but that backfires. Elizabeth tries to interfere on Macho’s behalf, but Kimberly runs down to drag Liz to the back. After a Diamond Cutter, DDP appears to have it, but a Bogus Sting comes down to crack DDP in the ribs, putting him down for good.
DDP fails to answer the count of ten,

Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock vs The nWo – RAW, March 11th, 2002
Geez, this is like a dream match you’d come up with in No Mercy or something. Absolute ridiculous the names all crammed in this bout, and it’s on free TV no less. This is the go home Raw for WrestleMania, so it makes sense now. If they would have given this match about 5-6 minutes more, we could have had a TV classic on our hands. Everyone busts their asses in this match, and I enjoyed it. The nWo did a great job of keeping The Rock on their side of the ring, using classic heel cheating bullshit and what have you. There was a ton of energy, and never any down time. A damn fine TV main event.
Hulk Hogan drops the leg on The Rock for the pin at 9:30