John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler – TLC Match

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A lot of people don’t remember this one, and it’s fucking awesome. Go check it out on the Network, good people.

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena – MITB
Pretty original spot with Cena & Ziggler on the ladder, as Dolph holds John in a sleeper, causing them both to fall, crashing through a table. Soon after,John has yet another vairation of doing the FU, doing it to a ladder while Dolph lays on top, would have been pretty sweet if executed. One thing that is for sure, Ziggler’s FameAsser is levels above Billy Gunn’s. This match has basically become the night’s 2nd TLC match, which I have no complaints about. This one is just as brutal as the previous. Fantastic match where Ziggler looked like a guy who had no problem hanging with Cena.
Ziggler snatches the case at 20:14 | ****3/4

Stone Cold & Triple H vs Jericho & Benoit – WWE Tag Team Titles – RAW

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Stone Cold had a real match quality revival in 2001, and I’ve been on a kick. So here’s another one, a match that’s pretty damn well known.

Stone Cold & Triple H [C] vs Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit – WWE Tag-Team Championship
The match starts off with Benoit getting the absolute hell beat out of him. The TMPT cut the ring clean in half, and destroy Benoit in their half with things like double-teams & chair shots. Once Jericho finally makes the hot tag, he’s not in for long until Hunter rips his quad, and is still immensly bad-ass enough to go through with the Walls spot. After this point is the real meat of the match, as it’s incredbly fast & frantic action with a ton of near falls that’s accompanied by some fantastic crowd heat. The end sees Triple H nail Austin with the sledge-hammer by accident, right after he was hit with a Lionsault. I don’t love the match nearly as most, because 80% of it is Benoit getting his ass kicked, but after that point it really picks up and earns it stripes. It’s also like that “Oh my Gooooood” clip from Troll 2, in that every one with a youtube account has uploaded it.
Jericho pins Austin after he’s been hit with a sledgehammer at 13:58 | ****

Resident Evil 2 – Review

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After going over Resident Evil 1 the other day, I thought we’d work our way down the line.

So, Resident Evil 1 had me hooked. I was obsessed. Since it became such a big hit, naturally, they went to work on a sequel. However, when they were near finished, the director felt they just hadn’t done the sequel justice and scraped it all. This became what’s now known as Resident Evil 1.5. As I was pulling up some footage for RE1.5, I discovered that it’s actually playable. I’m going to have to look into that, because I’ve been wanting to play this sucker since I first saw this footage 15 years ago.

To tide people over, they released Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. It was a version of the original Resident Evil, but with objects & enemies placed differently. Also, the opening movie was uncensored. Or so they said. It was still censored, bastards. However, it also came with a playable Resident Evil 2 demo. I bought this day of release, baby.

Then January, 1998 came. Finally. Resident Evil 2 was mine, all mine. The first Resident Evil took me days to complete, and Lord knows how long this one would take. Ah shit. I beat it that day. I do admit, I was a bit bummed about that. Regardless, I absolutely loved the game. Still do. The graphics, the gore, the action, the weapons, the enemies, it was all ramped up. The cut scenes were incredible. It was everything a sequel should be.

Certain things I loved were the zombies crashing through the front window at the gun shop and eating the owner. If you don’t pick up any ammo from the start of the game until you reach the precinct, you get to brawl with zombie Brad Vickers. The chicken pilot from RE1. I loved that. The Mr. X monster was an awesome touch, as he’d literally show up out of no where, busting through walls and kicking ass. You could avoid him, but if you were able to take him down you’d get special ammo and other slick items. Just a ton of great stuff to dig.

There was a bonus called The 4th Survivor, where you played as an Umbrella agent named HUNK. I was never able to get that motherfucker. Until I played Re2 again a few years ago. I got that game down COLD, and finally unlocked the 4th Survivor game, which was a fucking blast.

I hear we’re getting an RE2 remake, and if that’s true, sweet fancy Moses, all RE fans around the world will die from arousal.

Stone Cold vs Triple H – 3 Stages of Hell

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Stone Cold vs Triple H – 3 Stages of Hell – No Way Out 2001
The technical aspect starts off with Austin trying to rip Triple H’s left arm, and Hunter responding by trying to break Stone Cold’s neck. They go back & forth, absolutely tearing it up until Austin hits a stunner out of no where, winning the first fall. Stone Cold goes to town, beating Triple H down with chairs, monitors, and barbwired 2x4s, all while Triple H does whatever he can to escape Stone Cold’s receipt for the whole vehicular homicide thing. The street fight is absolutely brutal, and completely worth the price of admission. Triple H puts him down with the Pedigree to win that round. Hunter has control for a bit while the cage is down, but Stone Cold soon regains and goes to town on Triple H’s face with barbwire. It’s like he’s trying to saw his head clean off his body. The ending is fantastic, as the series of near-falls are some of the best I’ve seen. Usually, the near-fall section of a match is quick, with repeat finishers & pins. With this match however, things were slow & deliberate, as Stone Cold & Triple H were able to put as much into their pin attempts as they could, it’s another great piece of this match that makes it a classic. The ending is a bit lame, as they both hit each other with a weapon at the same time, and Triple H just happens to fall on Austin, but at least it’s clean. This is one of the all time greats, as each stage got an appropriate amount of time, and each aspect of the stage was used, as opposed to just being there. These two were on fire that evening, and delivered one of the all time greats.
Triple H nails Stone Cold with a chair for the pin at 31:46 | *****

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit – Smackdown, May 30th, 2001. – Review.

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Stone Cold [C] vs Chris Benoit – Smackdown – May 30th, 2001
Benoit starts off the match by using everything in his power to lock Stone Cold in the Crossface, to no avail however. Great moment comes after Stone Cold brings the belt into the ring, and while the ref is down Benoit executes a flying head-butt on Austin, only for Steve to roll over and drive the belt into Benoit’s air-born skull. Great stuff. Cool moment where they trade Sharpshooters back & forth a few times. And we’re talking real Sharpshooters, nothing like The Rock’s Polite Suggestion. Benoit goes crazy and delivers 10, yeah, TEN, German suplexes in a row. This brings in McMahon with a chair, as he attempts to nail Chris who has Steve in the Crossface, however Chris nails Vince with a kick to the hangdang, and proceeds to bend the chair over McMahon’s body as he nails him with chair shot after chair shot. However, while distracted, Stone Cold rolls him up for the pin. A great match, and a hell of a main event for PPV. It’s made all that much better by the fact there are no commercial breaks, either. It’s definitely one of the more hard-hitting matches that I’ve ever seen Stone Cold in, as they both went out there and beat the hell out of one another.
Stone Cold rolls up Chris for the pin at 19:45 | ****1/4

Edge vs Mick Foley – WrestleMania 21

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Edge w/ Lita vs Mick Foley – Hardcore Match – WrestleMania 22
Right from the get go this match showcases how things of this nature should be done. Edge crushes Mick with a few vicious head-shots via cookie-sheets & baseball slides into street-signs. When he tries a spear, he suffers from a Bret Hart inspiration, as Mick had wrapped barbwire around his stomach. This is soon followed by the awesome whipping with the barbwire, and the Cactus-Clothesline on Edge with Lita on his back. After a hell of a bulldog onto the barbwire bat, Edge goes out and gets the thumbtacks, which are always a favorite. He ends up backfirst in the pile, forever earning a his place in the Kingdom of Manliness. After driving the barbwire bat into Edge’s head, we get a fantastic shot of Mick smiling through the blood that’s pouring down his face. Soon after we get one of the greater WM moments when Edge spears Mick through a flaming table, something the WWE audience had never seen, and something perfect for the level of WM. Right after he pins Mick, putting a cap on one of the greatest WM matches of all time, as well as a Top 10 for both Edge & Mick’s careers. It’s so crisp, so well done, delivering perfectly in every aspect. The match only gets better every time I see it. Also, the way Edge looks afterwards is something that has to be seen. You’d think he was about to pass out.
Edge pins Mick after spearing him through a flaming table at 14:36 | ****3/4

Resident Evil 1 – Review

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For the next few reviews, I thought we’d take a look at my all time favorite video game franchise, Resident Evil.

Back in 1996 my best friend bought a Playstation, his pride & joy. That weekend I spent the night at his place, and we tried out a few games that he rented. At least, that was our intention. We never got past the first one, which happened to be Resident Evil. Everything about it pulled us in. Of course, because those greedy bastards at Sony were all about that money, they required something called a Memory Card in order to save games. Well now what the shit is that? As a result, we kept fucking dying, and having to start all over. You know how goddamn annoying that was?

Regardless, you couldn’t have stopped us with a shotgun, because we were so pulled in by the story. When we weren’t playing it, we were discussing it. Wondering who or what was behind all of this. We never got very far, and a year later when I finally got my own PS, Resident Evil was the game I got with it. With a fucking Memory Card.

For two weeks straight I was pulled into that bad-bitch. Obsessed, and completely enthralled. I got so into it, that at one point when Barry died [as he does in one of the endings], I cried. I got so damn into that game. I loved it. The different weapons, the monsters, the puzzles, the TERRIBLE voice acting, it was the greatest game I’d ever played. I became so good at it that I could beat that bad bitch under 3 hours, without dying, or saving. I even beat it with just a knife once, which fucking sucked.

Everyone knows the dog jumping through the window as the classic RE scare, which did make me scream the first time, but the worst I’ve ever been scared in a single moment happened later in the game. After you come back from the research hut with Plant 42, you head into the mansion and get a cut scene where something follows you in. When you finally see it, it reveals itself to be what’s known as a Hunter. A very thick, muscled, monster with rows of teeth and talons that would roar. This fucker was deadly. So, on the day I discovered this, I was playing at my house, sitting in my chair, while my friend sat behind me on a stool. Well, I wanted to avoid fighting him, so I ran into the connecting hallway, and as I ran around a corner, from off screen, another Hunter jumped in to frame, roaring. It scared me so bad that I screamed at the top of my lungs, jumped back out of my chair so hard that I knocked over my friend. To this day nothing has scared me that bad in the moment.

Not much else to say other than it’s a fucking classic, and to this day I wait for a true movie adaptation. One day, perhaps, one day.