Re-Ranking The Friday The 13th Films

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Greetings, beautiful people.

Another Friday The 13th is upon us, and thus the longest standing tradition here at Str8 Gangster is going strong. The last time I ranked them was 8 years ago, so I thought we’d venture to Crystal Lake once more as I teach you find readers the proper order in which to adore these films. Also, for those who haven’t been following your pal Cal, I talk about how I fell in love with the franchise to begin with.

The following article is basically an excerpt from my book, My Summer Vacation At Camp Crystal Lake. Trust me, you need this.

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Minute Man Reviews: Southpaw, Hands of Stone, 13 Hours.

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White Privilege Is An Absolute Load Of Happy Horseshit

•August 11, 2016 • 2 Comments

There I was. outside, while taking a break from my job as a gopher for a newspaper. I realized it was my 18th birthday, when suddenly Donald Trump landed on the ground, having arrived in a solid gold jetpack!
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Why I Don’t Support The Black Lives Matter Group

•July 12, 2016 • 2 Comments

For a while now, I’ve had a problem with Black Lives Matter. However, in this day and age, if you say ANYTHING against the Politically Correct/Liberal way of things, you’re called a racist, a bigot, and everything under the sun. I freely admit, I was honestly afraid of that. I’m trying to build a career, and know what being labeled a “racist” can do. But you know what, living in fear like that is complete bullshit. I’d been considering talking about BLM, and how I despise the hardcore, regressive left of the political field, but wasn’t sure. It wasn’t until my mom, who was helping a friend by working a few days at a tanning salon. One night, a few black people came in and headed to the back without checking in. People aren’t allowed to do that. So, she stopped them, and asked if she could help. They began yelling at her, and calling her a racist. The whole thing shook her up, and made her cry. These pricks came at my mom like she was fucking David Duke. And why? Because Black Lives Matter, the hardcore-liberal left, and a good portion of the black community poison minds.

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Why Comparing Brock Turner To Brian Banks Is Ridiculous & Stupid

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If you have a Facebook account, you’ve no doubt seen this man’s image. Brock Turner. Or if you watch the news, or have instagram, or your eyes have been open at any point in time during the last two weeks or so.

The reason you’ve seen his face so much? Because he got what was perceived as a light sentence for raping a girl, and then of course because a black man received a normal sentence for a rape that later turned out to be false, people lost their minds, and screamed racism, white privilege, and their usual bullshit. Why? Because no one does research, and facts are for suckers.

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Minute Man Reviews – Civil War, Neighbors 2, X-Men: Apocolypse

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I know, I know, updates have been slacking, but I’ve got quite a few coming, so stay tuned, until then, let’s head to the multiplex.

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WCW Monday Nitro -March 17th, 1997

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