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Feel free to remove my administrative privileges.

Minute Man Reviews – Mad Max, Terminator: Genisys, Jurassic World, Ted 2

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minutemanheader2015Your boy is back, and here to let you know the score on some of the recent big releases. Dig it.

Also, dig the latest episode of Mercy Is For The Weak podcast. I usually don’t over-state things, but I can say with 100% certainty that, yes, it will change your life.

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Still alive, baby.

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Greetings, buckshots.

I know, it’s been a minute, and I apologize.

First up, you guys can find me on twitter, @CaliberWinfield, where you get every update of mine. From my daily updates at Fat Buff Inc [], to the podcast [], and when new articles hit at 411mania. Right now, you can get 2 months worth of Man Movie Encyclopedia articles. All of them have been re-written, and in my opinion much better than the originals.

I’ve got some film reviews coming up soon, so stay tuned, buckshots. Plus, we’re long over-due for a trip to Bayside.

New Podcast Eps & 411 Articles

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Greetings, buckshots. My apologies for not updating in a minute, but in fairness, it’s really your fault, if you think about it. Also, if you follow me on twitter then you’ll hear about the new shit the minute it happens. Or at least the hour. 6 hours at the latest.

New podcast eps up over Mercy Is For The Weak. A new Thursday Night’s Main Event where we do Extreme Rules commentary, a new Burlycast where we talk about Hard To Kill as well as The Goonies. And two new eps of Mercy Is For The Weak. That sounds awesome.

Top 5 Films From The 90s – This was done over at 411, and, well clearly, as the title says, we talk about our favorite films from the 90s. I don’t mean to brag, but my list is pretty damn awesome.

Fact or Fiction – Over at 411 they do an article series entitled “Fact or Fiction” where two writers are given 6 subjects and discuss about whether or not they agree. This time around we talk about the Batman vs Superman trailer, if Boba Fett should have his own movie, if Starship Troopers would work as a TV series, and a few other topics. Dig it.

Best Around: Ep 2 – Nintendo World Championship – My podcast co-host and I do a series of videos where we battle for the prestigious Best Around World Heavyweight Championship, with our battle ground being where true heroes & champions come to settle hash and bleed on the battle field: video games. Also on his channel you can find me doing some First Play videos with some new fandangled games on one of these new machines you youngsters play that I have no idea about.

New Podcast Eps

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podcastheaderGreetings, all.

I have quite a few brand new episodes on board today. One of them is the second episode of a series called The Burlycast. My co-host and I from Mercy Is For The Weak talk about all things burly in the world. The main feature of each episode will be a look at an all time classic in the realm of burly cinema. We also celebrate a choice icon in the world of burly, in our Mantastic Spotlight. So, without further ado.

All episodes of Mercy Is For The Weak, Thursday Night’s Main Event, and The Burlycast can be found at

Mercy Is For The Weak – Episode 13 – This Week, Caliber & Mike Become Private I’s!
Greetings, all. This week we discuss everything from political standings, to ass-injections done in the back of a Jiffy Lube. Also on the docket is a discussion about why people want to see Superman bleed, and how it’s a sad sign for society. All this, a hell of a lot more, plus the Top 3: Video Game Themes.

The Burlycast – Episode 2 – OK, USA!
The boys open up today’s show by talking about the burliness of not having certain major organs. They then talk about loving dogs, and putting bears in wrestling holds. Caliber then talks about the gym, how it completely changed his life, and how everyone else would absolutely benefit from it. Afterwards, they then discuss in detail one of the greatest films ever made, Bloodsport, a film that transcends time and brings worlds together. Finally, in the Burly Spotlight this week we feature none other than arguably the greatest and burliest man of all time, Bruce Lee.

Click here to see the scene from The Specialist that Mike & I were talking about on the Burlycast.

Is+tumblr+sexist+if+you+liked+the+post+why+not_59b39b_5123380The image we talked about in The Burlycast, which shows the most common hashtags from Tumblr that begin with “#men” or “#women”.

New Podcast Episodes

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podcastheaderGreetings all.

Two new pod eps for you, the beautiful people.

First up is the 10th episode of Mercy Is For The Weak.

“Today the guys completely screw the pooch by immediately forgetting to mention the Walking Dead finale, instead leaving it for next week.
They do however manage to talk some American Idol, and their respective love for 10 Things I Hate About You.
Soon the conversation becomes serious as they discuss being parents, and what they’d each do when that inevitable day arrives and you have to decide how to introduce your child to the Star Wars universe.
Many other grand things are covered before they get down to the Top 3: TGIF Programs. You’re gonna do the dance of joy, bet on it.”

We’ve also got a special episode of Thursday Night’s Main Event.

“This time around it’s a very special episode of Thursday Night Main Event, you know know, like that episode where Stephanie’s friend was being beat by his dad, and he said he thought of Home Alone when it was happening. This time around we do a live commentary track for two matches from WrestleMania 31, Triple H vs Sting, and Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. So, fire up your WrestleMania 31’s and be prepared to, well, have the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.
Afterward, we talk a little more about WrestleMania 31, and the following Raw. Once the wrestling talk is finished, we discuss what Nintendo’s new system might be, along with some Wii talk, including how it has no classic games, despite destroying Sony & Microsoft in sales.
Then the boys finish the show with an impromptu Top 3: Entrances.”

New Podcast eps, new 411mania Top 5, and a 1st Play Video.

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podcastheaderGreetings, big homies.

Big batch of new stuff, guaranteed all to fall under the category of ‘hotness’. So, yes, you can officially tell your friends it’s new hotness.

Podcast Episodes –
– We talk horrible days at work, one such involving Mike and 1000 crickets, and one involving Caliber, and the grossest site he’s ever seen in his life. Before all that, Mike tells a story about his most recent adventure at Wal-Mart, in which he’s bombarded by bullet-worthy fellow customers, and inept employees. Hard to believe, I know. They then finish off the ep with the Top 3 Nickelodeon Shows From Their Past.

Episode 8 – While talking TV, Mike & Caliber wax-philosophical about whether or not this generation’s choice of entertainment sucks or not, just like our parents had a beef with ours, and so forth and so on. They reminisce about the joys of the video store, and the excitement that it brought. They also talk about how important weekends were when you were a kid. Finally, they talk about all the classic cartoons & TV shows kids had in the 1980’s & 90’s, before giving you, the audience, a real treat, and singing a handful of the themes.

411 Mania – Top 5 Will Ferrell Movies – This one doesn’t need much explanation, does it?

Caliber Winfield’s 1st Play of Bloodborne – For those unaware, a 1st Play Video is a simple video where someone is recorded playing a certain video game for the first time. Both audio & video were hooked up here, as I played a brand new game called Bloodborne. Now, not only was this the first time I played this game, but this was the first time I’d played a video game in at least 5 years. All done on some new fandangled machine called a “PS4”. Last I checked, there was one Playstation, it was grey, and you bought it so you could play Resident Evil.


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